The most interesting Web3 projects

Sam Marksun
December 7, 2022

Here are few examples of business models you can adopt.

Social Networks 

Social media networks have had a profound impact on the internet over the past decade. With billions of users worldwide, these platforms have become a central part of many people's lives. However, there are growing concerns about the way these networks are operated. In particular, there are worries about censorship, data misuse, and surveillance.

Web 3.0 is designed to be more privacy-centric and transparent than previous generations of the internet. This new generation of social networks is still in its early stages, but there are already a number of promising projects underway. With their focus on privacy and decentralization, these platforms have the potential to address many of the concerns that have been raised about social media networks. As they continue to develop, they could help to shape the future of the internet in a more positive direction.

Example project: Mastodon, Sapien Network, Steemit

NFT Restaurant & Hotel

NFT restaurant is a food outlet that allows users to access its services by owning a digital asset. At NFT Restaurant, we use NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as the basis for our concept themes and membership programs. This allows holders of specific NFTs to access exclusive and unique dining experiences.

NFT Restaurant has seen a 508% increase in searches over the past year, putting it at a current volume of 3.3K searches per month. This interest is expected to continue to grow in the coming months.

By creating an NFT restaurant, the project owner will have access to fund the business from selling out the NFT copies and receive royalties from each NFT transaction made by owners.

Example project: Flyfish Club

Real Estate

Real estate is a popular use case for fractional NFTs since the underlying blockchain technology provides an additional layer of transparency. For example, users can view the history of buyers and investment activity via a blockchain explorer. This allows for more informed decision making when it comes to investing in or selling a property.

NFTS that represent real-world assets allow investors to cash out of their crypto holdings without leaving the decentralized finance ecosystem entirely. The current hype is around real estate, but these fractionalized high-involvement goods could be interesting in the future for watches, paintings, boats, planes and more.

Fractional NFTs are at the heart of the Web3 concept. Web3 is the next era of the internet because it is decentralized, secure, and allows for ownership and creation without intermediaries. Those who share the vision, skills, and expertise can co-create and co-own the new reality and be a part of many projects.

And many more. Find more ideas and download Riverio Web3 Guidebook using link below.

Sam Marksun

Sam is a creative director for the Opus team and helps bring ideas to reality. Sam drives our online success with both beautiful design and production quality development.

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