It's more than just a launchpad.

Riverio is a platform designed to help Web3 projects grow while the investors can participate and gain benefit from these promising projects.

At Riverio, we help and support businesses to build exciting projects in Web 3.0. We help with every aspect of each project, from planning, execution to fund raising.

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If you are searching for a Web3 project to invest in or are in need of funding for your project's growth, you have come to the right place. Here at Riverio, we facilitate everything related to Web3 projects for both investors and project owners.


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Riverio utilizes OJA Coin Smart Chain (OJX20) to provide the best solution in dApps and decentralized industry.

OJX20 have been created to solve various issues, such as low performance and high costs.

OJX20 is decentralized public chain with EVM compatible that provides high performance at a fraction of the cost. This makes it an ideal choice for community users who require a fast, convenient, and low-cost experience.